& Internal Martial Arts

Chuan / Quan relates to fist or boxing and over the past 30 years, Taijiquan has been split to Taiji and Taijiquan to accommodate the “effortless flow of movement and breathing” as the media and some Schools would have you believe in the practice of Taiji. In it’s  true sense, Taijiquan is a Martial Art.

Furthermore, people are confused between Taijiquan and Qigong.  Qigong (Energy and Work) are systems of  mind and body exercise to increase and develop better health and well being. It is a very separate system from Taijiquan.

However, Taijiquan is akin to Qigong as the continuing practice of Taijiquan increases coordination, awareness, flexibility, balance, focus, and many other aspects of a positive whole person exercise. But this only comes with continuing practice and development.

The 7 Stars School of Taijiquan syllabus includes Taijiquan Forms, Partner Work, balance, breathing and coordination exercises and an assessment programme to help develop individuals to their optimum at their own pace.

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Since the School’s first conception back in 1985 by  Bob Lowey, the Founder and Principal Tutor of the School, the teaching methods and curriculum has changed accordingly to adapt to the many generations of Taijiquan seekers that has graced  the Schools doors.

Following his extensive training in Wong Kung Shou Tao in the 70’s, erudite and reputable Taijiquan Masters in the 80’s, Professor Zhang Guande in Beijing and latterly, Grandmaster Master You Xuande, in Wudang, China, Bob has further adapted to the practice and studies within the School to accommodate these Teachings that is a very small part of the vast transmissions of Taijiquan .

The media has many misconceptions regarding the study of Taijiquan. The last 30 years or more has degraded and corrupted the true transmissions of Taijiquan. Firstly, the name - is it Tai Chi Chuan or Taijiquan? This depends on the transliteration of the name. Tai Chi Chuan belongs to the Wade-Giles pronunciation, whereas Taijiquan is the Pinyin pronunciation and spelling. Look them up!

Grand Master You Xuande